We made our way here, and this is our home.

We come from different backgrounds, yet that’s not a reason for exclusion of any form. Racism has no place here.

Only when we bear in mind how this country took shape could we make it a better place for ourselves and our progeny.

Today is a time for celebration, as well as a time for reflection and action.

Happy Canada Day 🇨🇦

A young female client texted me from nowhere asking a serious question about our business — as a conversation starter, appended to a curt line “Hello.

We were total strangers.

I answered her question in detail.

In the end, she was like, “OK, OK, got it.

Me: You’re welcome.

A Tiny Shard of the Plate

"A Tiny Shard of the Plate"

I broke a plate last May. It crashed to the floor, shattering into countless pieces. I spent almost an hour cleaning up the mess. Shortly after, another plate (part of the same dinnerware set) broke on its own into two parts, one of which cut into my finger. I took pictures of it with the other hand.

Just now, when I was sanitizing the garbage bin as usual, an itty-bitty shard of the plate (probably the one smashed on the ground) was clearly seen on the inside of the lid. It’s been 13 months. Even if I had fixed that plate, this tiny little bit would still have been left out, waiting to be discovered today, or someday.

Just like other things in our lives — once something’s broken, whether it ends up getting fixed or not, you’ll likely be reminded of the mishap one way or another. To keep everything intact might sound like a bright idea, but it’s one of the hardest things in the world.

a lovely day starts with a belated lunch

Now I’m listening to

🎵 100,000 People 🎤 Kings of Leon 💿 When You See Yourself (2021)

Normally I wouldn’t consider these colors for my own footwear or other accessories, but it’s Pride Month anyways. 😉🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈🇨🇦

“I love animals, and I hate people as well.”

I know some petting cats and walking dogs on a daily basis can also beat the shit out of their spouses and children. There’s never actually been a paucity of Michael Maddens in real life. 🤷🏻‍♂️

FYI, just like Michael Madden, Maroon 5’s new album JORDI really sucks.

UPDATE: oh I’m done this! I didn’t think I would so soon. Happy Pride Month!

The odds are that I will not finish building them until the end of Pride Month. 🏳️‍🌈😝 #Lego #Pride #EveryoneIsAwesome

Last night, I dreamed that I was driving in the passenger seat in a wrong lane until I got stopped by a police officer. 9 demerit points and 1,300 CAD. How come a passenger seat was equipped with a steering wheel and a gas pedal?! 🤔

Now I’m listening to

🎵 Build a Bitch 🎤 Bella Poarch 💿 Build a Bitch – Single (2021)

Canada’s Most Respected Professions 2021

"Canada’s Most Respected Professions 2021"

#. Profession: Score
1. Firefights: 92.5
2. Nurses: 92.3
3. Farmers: 90.7
4. Medical Doctors: 89.6
5. Pharmacists: 86.9
6. Scientists: 86.6
7. Members of our Armed Forces: 83.5
8. Grocery Store Owners/Clerks: 82.7
9. Airline Pilots: 82.3
10. Teachers: 81.6
11. Transit Workers: 81.5
12. Veterinarians: 81.3
13. Engineers: 80.5
14. Police Officers: 72.4
15. Judges: 69.2
16. Private Sector LTC Home Operators: 60.5
17. Journalists: 59.1
18. Lawyers: 57.1
19. Bankers: 55.7
20. Radio/TV Talk Show Hosts: 54.8
21. Clergy: 54.0
22. Professional Sports Players: 52.9
23. Business Executives: 50.3
24. Union Leaders: 48.7
25. Elected Members of Parliament: 47.3
26. Advertising Practitioners: 42.7
27. Car Salespeople: 42.0
28. Owners of Social Media Platforms: 38.5


How to express months more efficiently:

Jajune: the first half of a year (1–6)
Julember: the second half of a year (7–12)
Mapril: from March to April and possibly to May (3–5)
Junly: June and July (6–7)
Augtober: August, September, and October (8–10)
Nocember: the last two months in a year (11–12)
Octember: the last quarter of a year (10–12)
Febtember: from Februrary to September (2–9)
Aptember: from April to September (4–9)
Marvember: March to November (3–11) when daylight saving time is observed
Novarch: November to March (11–3) when DST is not observed

Lisa is going to vacation sometime in Julember.
Chad often gets confused about time when Marvember begins and Novarch ends.
I’ve no idea when exactly Dave is going to visit us, but I guess he will make it around Junly.
Kitty was super busy during Febtempter, and she was able to unwind only around Nocember.

It’s so easy, eh?