Wear a face mask, ma’am!

How misinformation from health professionals misleads the public:

— Wear a face mask, ma’am.

— No. You gotta leave them to public health workers.

— You admit a mask can protect healthcare workers. Why do you think you don’t need one to protect yourself?

— I’m exposed to low risks compared to them.

— First, “low risk“ is not “zero risk.” To keep the virus contained we need to make sure it’s zero risk. Second, community spread has begun since long time ago. Roughly 25% of the virus carriers are asymptomatic. When a group of guys walks past you in the street or into the elevator with you, how would you know if the risk is low or not? Third, you don’t have to wear the same type of face mask as healthcare workers do. You are not competing for resources.

— Well I just trust my doctor. Give me a break.

They just don’t know since January, supermarkets and stores in affected Asian countries have denied maskless patrons access. Even today, without a mask they are not allowed to step out of their condo buildings. Health professionals in Europe and Americas just lack cosmopolitan views of this issue. Even if all the people in North America started to wear masks from today, it would be very very late.

A face mask is a protective accessory, a viral filter that works the same way as a condom. If someone thinks condoms are only for those already diagnosed with STDs and STD specialists, I’m not responsible for their miseducation.

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