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TL;DR: sells illegally obtained game keys but doesn’t refund customers when they are fully aware what is happening. The seller who sold me the stolen game key for Super Mario Odyssey is no longer in their system. Even so, G2A refuses to refund me. @G2A_com

Today G2A wrote back to me:

G2A (21.05.2020 11:10)


Thank you for contacting G2A Support and reporting us this issue!

I’ve checked that there’s already an ongoing discussion with the seller – M-B**F-0****9. I’d suggest continuing the conversation directly with him, as he’s the one taking full responsibility for all the items he sells.

Please remember that you can always check your case through the link below – – to see if the seller already replied to you. You are also going to receive a notification on your email with all the updates on how your case progresses.

Allow me please to mention that sellers are from all over the world. This means they can be in different time zones, they can have different working days, etc. That’s why we need to leave them some time frame to properly verify the matter. Still, you may rest assured that all sellers on our Marketplace are obligated to react and resolve their buyers’ issues.

At this point, please do await for the seller to respond in your case. If it happens, by any chance, that it wouldn’t be possible to reach an agreement with him, make sure to express that using rating system. Seller will certainly notice that and once he changes his mind, you can then swap your rating from negative to positive.

Additionally, please remember that bad customer service has a direct impact on a seller’s rating on our marketplace. Our team constantly monitors and follows up on all cases reported. Sellers who persistently provide bad customer experience will permanently lose their rights to sell on G2A.COM.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation on this.

Customer Relationships Specialist

Look! “He (The seller) is the one taking full responsibilities for all the items he sells.” Hilarious! So G2A doesn’t think the company should be held accountable for the rampancy of stolen game key business on their site, does it? Cool. Without you who would have come into contact with shitty sellers like this? Stop the PR BS, G2A!

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