Finally, Out of the Nintendo-G2A War

You know that some of my recent posts share a tag #G2A_con and I was torn by the war between Nintendo and Around 2:44 pm today, the suspension of my Nintendo account was lifted. All I have now is mixed feelings. From May 19 to July 6 – that is, 6 weeks and 6 days – Nintendo and beset me heavily as well as other Nintendo users all around the world.

Timeline of the incident:

  • February 11 – Ordered a download key to the digital version of Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch off due to my unfamiliarity with eShop at that time. This is the first digital game I bought for the console.
  • May 19 – Got an email from PayPal saying my billing agreement with Nintendo was canceled. I was not aware of anything wrong.
  • May 20 – I failed to sign in to my Nintendo account and found it suspended due to no specific reason. That’s why PayPal had terminated the billing agreement. I didn’t hesitate to call Nintendo and was told that a game I owned was associated with an illegal game key. The cardholder involved had started a chargeback. As I had only purchased one digital game, Super Mario Odyssey, outside of Nintendo’s eShop, I told them the ins and outs. They emailed me with instructions to make a claim, which required me to collect proofs including Proof of Purchase, Proof of Refund, invoice, etc. They revealed the whole process would need 14 days to settle.
  • May 21 ~ May 29 – Nine days spent negotiating with They were very slow in response and refused to refund me instantly, insisting that I contact the seller first. The seller who sold me the game key, however, had already disappeared from G2A’s system, so no one would respond. Fortunately, G2A offered a 7 Day Money-Back Guarantee, allowing me to get a refund if the seller failed to get back to me in seven days. After seven days, I successfully made a money-back claim, and they refunded me two days later – under pressure from a sequence of my complaints.
  • May 29 – Replied to Nintendo’s email, attached the proofs, and clicked “Send.”
  • May 30 – Received no reply, not even an automated one. I sent some additional proofs. Still no reply.
  • June 16 – No reply had been received. Called Nintendo, and was told that I still had to wait for further notice. Then I sent another email containing the same proofs, with a more detailed caption for each screenshot, in hopes that they could recognize which was which more quickly.
  • June 22 – No reply had been received. Called Nintendo, and was told that I should have submitted desktop screenshots rather than mobile screenshots. I made it clear that all the essential proofs were desktop versions. Mobile screenshots were just additional proofs for reference. Then they said there was nothing wrong with my documents and they were prioritizing my case, yet I had to wait. I asked if re-sending emails or re-calling them would reset the 14-day time window. They said no, but the time window had been extended to 30 business days due to the high volume. I sent them another email after hanging up with every proof but one taken from the desktop, thinking this would render the proofs flawless.
  • July 6 – It had been 30 business days since I sent the first email, so I decided to call again, at 12:54 pm. The guy answering the phone was a douchebag, saying that he couldn’t provide any information about my case and threatening that re-emailing and re-calling them would reset the 30-day time frame and I would need to wait from Day 1. I told him not to traumatize customers who didn’t do anything wrong. He said he understood my situation perfectly but just couldn’t do anything. Then I hung up on him in a fury. At 2:44 pm, a lady from Nintendo called me, saying she could help unban my account right away. She sounded polite and regretful. She informed me that Super Mario Odyssey would be gone out of my purchase history and my paid subscription to Nintendo Switch Online Membership would not be extended despite the inactivity of my account during the past 48 days. My account recovered immediately. At 5:02 pm, I got an email surveying Nintendo customer satisfaction. I gave one star to almost every item on the list. My discontent cannot be overstated.

A few words from me:

As a first-time Nintendo customer, I was NOT aware of anything wrong with the listings on because I believed it would serve me nicely like Amazon and Costco where I could have bought Nintendo games. It turned out that I actually fell victim to their fraudulent game keys. However, the LONG haul with Nintendo Support, which I deem to be somewhat punitive, was traumatizing me the second time. When looks really well-established in the gaming industry, customers can be unknowingly trapped. Innocent customers like me have done NOTHING wrong. We PAID for what we got. We did NOT steal anything from anyone. Count how many bucks I’ve spent on Nintendo devices, accessories, and legal content off eShop in addition to the subscription to Nintendo Online Membership. Then they suspended my account for 48 consecutive days just because of a single $80 game whose illicitness was far beyond my knowledge. They couldn’t even be bothered to inform me of the suspension (It was PayPal that notified me). Ridiculous! Getting unbanned would need 14 days and later this time window got extended to 30 business days without notice. Isn’t it punitive and purposely traumatizing? Would Apple or Google have needed that length of time to set things right? Also, no matter how many emails I sent, NO REPLY HAS BEEN RECEIVED SO FAR, not even an automated one to confirm my emails reached their server. I had to spend time re-indexing the files and re-sending emails. I had to spend time calling again and again. Due to COVID-19? Due to the unusually high volume? No. It was just Nintendo being punitive, remiss, and dismissive. Customer support was NOT supportive of customers in any sense. I’m not interested in the war between Nintendo and I just know I PAID for my device, PAID for every game I own, PAID for the annual subscription, and was DENIED access to all my legal digital purchases. I’m really disappointed in the whole process. This might be my last investment in Nintendo stuff, yet I wish they could REALLY SUPPORT the rest of their customers, stand by them, and empathize with them, rather than traumatize them for justice’s sake.

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