Declogging My Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink got clogged all of a sudden. Hours before I had washed a lot of dishes, pans, and fruits. Everything was fine. Then water just didn’t drain away anymore. I was at my wit’s end, pretty aware that the mesh strainer hadn’t been there for weeks. This could have been totally avoidable.

With this unexpected event I couldn’t start cooking dinner. It was 7pm and I didn’t feel like driving to Home Depot for a tool. Nor did I want to call a plumber — no plumber’s number has been on my phone anyway. Then I remembered I had half a bottle of Drano Max Gel in the bathroom. Eek!

I poured all the content into the drain slowly — as directed on the label. Then it was a 30-minute wait. I spent that time looking for an ideal plumbing snake / drain auger / clog remover on Amazon. By “ideal” I mean the most positive reviews, reasonable pricing, and one-day delivery. Unfortunately, no such thing came to my shopping cart eventually.

The HomePod played a chime; 30 minutes had just passed. The last step was to flush the drain with hot water. Wow… Incredible! Water started to drain! Drano worked like a charm!

Now I’m preparing dinner, and writing this blog post on my phone.

Don’t bother to remind me. I’ve just put the strainer back in place. 🙂

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