Here’s Why You Should #VoteFordOut

  1. It took some 400 days into this pandemic for the Ford government to implement paid sick days.

  2. THREE paid sick days for people whose exposure/infection entails at least TEN days in quarantine? What’s the point? Even Doug Ford himself was home-quarantined for more than ten days.

  3. Doug Ford, a college dropout and bully, now is in way over his head. Still remember this is a guy who, when at City Hall, wanted a Ferris wheel and to close libraries to save money? Ontario had cut down medical spending significantly before COVID-19 hit the province.

  4. Look at the failed vaccine rollout in Ontario. Ontario has roughly the same population as Tokyo, the capital of Japan. But it seems to take forever for the former to vaccinate all its residents.

  5. Voting for Ford again equates to voting for ignorance, both his and yours, again.

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