How to express months more efficiently:

Jajune: the first half of a year (1–6)
Julember: the second half of a year (7–12)
Mapril: from March to April and possibly to May (3–5)
Junly: June and July (6–7)
Augtober: August, September, and October (8–10)
Nocember: the last two months in a year (11–12)
Octember: the last quarter of a year (10–12)
Febtember: from Februrary to September (2–9)
Aptember: from April to September (4–9)
Marvember: March to November (3–11) when daylight saving time is observed
Novarch: November to March (11–3) when DST is not observed

Lisa is going to vacation sometime in Julember.
Chad often gets confused about time when Marvember begins and Novarch ends.
I’ve no idea when exactly Dave is going to visit us, but I guess he will make it around Junly.
Kitty was super busy during Febtempter, and she was able to unwind only around Nocember.

It’s so easy, eh?

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