JLOG’s 1st Anniversary: Comments, Webmentions, and Apple Music

Happy birthday to this site! More importantly, comments, Webmentions, and Apple Music will be supported!

This site has been online for a whole year. Since its launch, comments on posts and subscriptions to the site have been disabled. To better connect with the world, however, I’ve decided to allow comments on all new posts from today — including this post per se!

Just click on the date / timestamp of each post, and you’ll be able to leave a message below the post. Feel free to share your thoughts. You can also choose to follow updates on your own comments and to get notified of my new posts. If you’re very web-savvy, try sending a Webmention.

I’m not looking to receive floods of comments. The site may well be as quiet as before. But I’d like to take this little step.

Also, here is another change for music lovers: if you have an active Apple Music subscription when seeing an embedded Apple Music player anywhere on my site, simply sign in with your Apple ID by clicking on the button in the upper-right corner, and you will be able to enjoy a complete track rather than a 30-second preview. Why not have a try now?

🎵 TEST DRIVE // Joji — BALLADS 1 (2018)

At times I share a whole album or a long playlist. If you happen to see your web browser display playlists in a weird way (say, oversized playlists), please enable Async Frame Scrolling in your browser settings. On the iPhone, for instance, you can access Settings –> Safari –> Advanced –> Experimental Features –> Async Frame Scrolling (turn it on). Now you have a chance to check that your web browser works properly.

🎵 This is a playlist on Apple Music.

I hope these neatly embedded players can bring you much auditory joy.

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