Sophie Trudeau Diagnosed with COVID-19

First of all this is sad news. My best wishes go to the Trudeaus.

To those who dwell on “authoritativeness,” when authorities and medical workers can’t even protect themselves and loved ones properly against a public health crisis, how could you be unjustifiably credulous about the judgement made by “authorities”?

Not long ago, Justin Trudeau went to a Chinese restaurant and socialized with a group of people without any protective gear. This is a bad demonstration from an authority. (I don’t have problems with Chinese restaurants or Chinese food. Simply the opposite of social distancing in today’s context is really not what we would expect of an authority.)

For a medical specialist returning from a trip to the US, going to work immediately without awareness of the situation is also a bad demonstration.

A lack of awareness stems from a paucity of REAL information.

China is the first epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak and thus the main source of medical messages. However, their official statistics have been peppered with inaccuracies since Day 1. Young whistleblowers were silenced before the disease finally claimed their lives. Misinformation from authorities took shape two months ago and has caused insidious ramifications. Any research or expert advice based on those statistics would be mediocre at best. This is a human disaster characteristic of such a regime. But that’s what few people outside of China are aware of. If you still believe in WHO and organizations on which China exerts direct influence, I wish you good luck.

Those who have a good mastery of the Italian and Chinese languages are also strongly recommended to visit Twitter, Facebook, and even Weibo to have a better understanding of what local people are suffering IN REAL LIFE, not what “authorities” have led you to believe. Such knowledge can definitely help Canadians steer clear of avoidable tragedies and miserable losses. Medical advice from authorities is usually behind time. Dozens or even hundreds of lives may have been affected, threatened, or taken before authorities consider warning the public. Whether we should act on their advice to stay proactive is a moot point.

If I hadn’t worn face masks and self isolated during my stay in Beijing, I might have been the first positive case in Hamilton early February. The US experts say a majority of people are expected to be infected. If so, why not slow it down and try hard to be that minority?

Dear fellow Hamiltonians,

Wash our hands more frequently and carefully,

Avoid crowds and socializing,

Don’t be afraid or nonchalant,

Don’t start stockpiling like a beast,

Be better-informed, and

Be sensitive to the changing situation


Containment of the epidemic needs everyone’s endeavor. Hope we can triumph over the virus soon.

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