Well, I was calculating how many times my salary Drake is making in a year, only to find it erroneous to put my income in the denominator. 😭

I would caption this photo “Toronto Glint.”

This happens around 8:23 pm ~ 8:28 pm every single day this week as long as the Sun’s glare is not entirely behind the clouds. My camera is merely competent to do the job, though.



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Disquiet has grown quickly in me as more appalling contretemps are going on in the world — in addition to the lingering pandemic.

This uneasiness even intensified when I ran out of meal prep ideas.

Probably pan-seared steak with some butter and veggies? Not a bad idea.

Imagine you and I are walking and we find $72 million.

What will you do with your $36?

Twitter Spaces is the new Clubhouse rival.


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The great photographs of Cher you’re seeing today were actually shot when she was 20 and slated to be released bit by bit over a time span of 60 years. #MysteryUnraveled

This wowed me. I know it sucks that you may not understand mathematics very well. I had a math-induced brain fade, too. But it shouldn’t prevent us from appreciating the beauty of these spirals. 🙂

https://www.dogatekin.com/blog/hypnotic-degenerate-spirals/ MUST-READ (5 min) The Hypnotic World of Degenerate Spirals (from Doga Tekin’s Blog)

PSE WARNING: If you suffer from photosensitive epilepsy, please consider skipping this post! The visualisations on this page might trigger a seizure. Sorry! … ⇢ Read more

you splooged on the floor ——
a perfect trajectory
bore out gravity

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