UPDATE: oh I’m done this! I didn’t think I would so soon. Happy Pride Month!

The odds are that I will not finish building them until the end of Pride Month. 🏳️‍🌈😝 #Lego #Pride #EveryoneIsAwesome

Last night, I dreamed that I was driving in the passenger seat in a wrong lane until I got stopped by a police officer. 9 demerit points and 1,300 CAD. How come a passenger seat was equipped with a steering wheel and a gas pedal?! 🤔

Now I’m listening to

🎵 Build a Bitch 🎤 Bella Poarch 💿 Build a Bitch – Single (2021)

Canada’s Most Respected Professions 2021

"Canada’s Most Respected Professions 2021"

#. Profession: Score
1. Firefights: 92.5
2. Nurses: 92.3
3. Farmers: 90.7
4. Medical Doctors: 89.6
5. Pharmacists: 86.9
6. Scientists: 86.6
7. Members of our Armed Forces: 83.5
8. Grocery Store Owners/Clerks: 82.7
9. Airline Pilots: 82.3
10. Teachers: 81.6
11. Transit Workers: 81.5
12. Veterinarians: 81.3
13. Engineers: 80.5
14. Police Officers: 72.4
15. Judges: 69.2
16. Private Sector LTC Home Operators: 60.5
17. Journalists: 59.1
18. Lawyers: 57.1
19. Bankers: 55.7
20. Radio/TV Talk Show Hosts: 54.8
21. Clergy: 54.0
22. Professional Sports Players: 52.9
23. Business Executives: 50.3
24. Union Leaders: 48.7
25. Elected Members of Parliament: 47.3
26. Advertising Practitioners: 42.7
27. Car Salespeople: 42.0
28. Owners of Social Media Platforms: 38.5


How to express months more efficiently:

Jajune: the first half of a year (1–6)
Julember: the second half of a year (7–12)
Mapril: from March to April and possibly to May (3–5)
Junly: June and July (6–7)
Augtober: August, September, and October (8–10)
Nocember: the last two months in a year (11–12)
Octember: the last quarter of a year (10–12)
Febtember: from Februrary to September (2–9)
Aptember: from April to September (4–9)
Marvember: March to November (3–11) when daylight saving time is observed
Novarch: November to March (11–3) when DST is not observed

Lisa is going to vacation sometime in Julember.
Chad often gets confused about time when Marvember begins and Novarch ends.
I’ve no idea when exactly Dave is going to visit us, but I guess he will make it around Junly.
Kitty was super busy during Febtempter, and she was able to unwind only around Nocember.

It’s so easy, eh?

The lyrical trope of these tracks is (a) failed relationship(s). But if I were Olivia’s ex, I’d show NO glimmer of interest in coming back to her after giving this album a listen. The monotony is rather intense and decided, projecting her as a despondent grouch. I wish she had drawn on more profound materials and explored them a bit further (A good example might be “A Woman’s Worth” on Alicia Key’s debut album). Insecurity, self-doubt, clinginess, and the list goes on. Olivia is not expected to get stuck in a rut when creating her next album.

💿 SOUR (2021) 🎤 Olivia Rodrigo

First day that outdoor activities were allowed to reopen in Ontario. People decided to optimize summer fun today.

It’s been four months since I ordered food from Aunt Jean Creams. DoorDash kindly offered a 50% off coupon, so there’s no reason to waste it. 😋

Guess what music was being played here. The same music on my CarPlay! So I almost seamlessly enjoyed the album.

Tons of people and cars. The parking lot was 85% full. Bicycles and helmeted riders were everywhere.

Picnicking was a must do!

Folks having fun with water. I was wearing a down jacket standing at the same spot like just 12 days ago. LOL.

The album being played in my car, at Aunt Jean Creams, and probably on innumerous home stereo systems these days: SOUR by Olivia Rodrigo, released on May 20, 2021. For a debut album by a young, aspiring artist, it is definitely worth a listen.

There might have been some spit-roasted lamb that I missed out on.

Not in the mood for water games today. But it was still fun watching these guys in water.

Tranquility of the lake was not disturbed.

Summer breeze, friends, music, and me.

I might NEVER ever learn how to father the young due to my traumatized inner self. My birth father’s DV was a major issue throughout my childhood and well into my puberty, of which few are really aware.

It is presumption to reckon that a carefree, cheerful person you know “very well” must have an untethered soul and thus to approach them inadvertently with condescending blatherskite about a subject related to their traumas.

Parental pride is understandably instinctive. But it could be toxic when you display that to excess.

your silicone toy

cleaned for the first time in years

now dried in the sun

#haiku #3lines #vss365 #poetry

Just helped the WordPress team locate an issue that’s been persistent in the past and current versions (17.3 and earlier) of the iOS app. If you also find it annoying that the app often adds posts to a wrong site through Shortcuts automation, you’ll be happy to see it resolved in the near future.

Well, I was calculating how many times my salary Drake is making in a year, only to find it erroneous to put my income in the denominator. 😭

I would caption this photo “Toronto Glint.”

This happens around 8:23 pm ~ 8:28 pm every single day this week as long as the Sun’s glare is not entirely behind the clouds. My camera is merely competent to do the job, though.