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🎵 Bisexual 🎤 Bleugangsta 💿 Bisexual – Single (2020)

I’d be more than happy to become world-famous for a nude that doesn’t affect my adult life one bit, even if it’s of little cultural import. 🤷🏻‍♂️

OK, he shouldn’t be procreating anyways… MUST-READ (2 min) Man dies after having sex using epoxy adhesive instead of a condom (by Ben Cost)

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🎵 Dalaga 🎤 ALLMO$T 💿 Dalaga – Single (2018)

I guess people should count themselves fortunate in inhabiting a country where the Taliban is unequivocally deemed a terrorist group.

Lady Gaga had her single “Do What U Want (featuring R. Kelly)” removed from all music streaming services because of allegations of the latter’s sexual misconduct. Likewise, Jhené Aiko may want to do the same about “Freedom,” her 2018 collaboration with Kris Wu.

I couldn’t care less which country you think an island on earth belongs to. Instead, I care whether people on that island rest content with their lives. If they are truly happy about the status quo, leave them alone and mind your own business (nagging them by persistently calling them a part of you does not count as your business, FYI). They are not supposed to brook your impertinent intrusions.

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🎵 Alone with You 🎤 Alina Baraz 💿 Alone with You – Single (2021)

We made our way here, and this is our home.

We come from different backgrounds, yet that’s not a reason for exclusion of any form. Racism has no place here.

Only when we bear in mind how this country took shape could we make it a better place for ourselves and our progeny.

Today is a time for celebration, as well as a time for reflection and action.

Happy Canada Day 🇨🇦

A young female client texted me from nowhere asking a serious question about our business — as a conversation starter, appended to a curt line “Hello.

We were total strangers.

I answered her question in detail.

In the end, she was like, “OK, OK, got it.

Me: You’re welcome.

a lovely day starts with a belated lunch

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🎵 100,000 People 🎤 Kings of Leon 💿 When You See Yourself (2021)