Disquiet has grown quickly in me as more appalling contretemps are going on in the world — in addition to the lingering pandemic.

This uneasiness even intensified when I ran out of meal prep ideas.

Probably pan-seared steak with some butter and veggies? Not a bad idea.

Imagine you and I are walking and we find $72 million.

What will you do with your $36?

Twitter Spaces is the new Clubhouse rival.

The great photographs of Cher you’re seeing today were actually shot when she was 20 and slated to be released bit by bit over a time span of 60 years. #MysteryUnraveled

This wowed me. I know it sucks that you may not understand mathematics very well. I had a math-induced brain fade, too. But it shouldn’t prevent us from appreciating the beauty of these spirals. 🙂

https://www.dogatekin.com/blog/hypnotic-degenerate-spirals/ MUST-READ (5 min) The Hypnotic World of Degenerate Spirals (from Doga Tekin’s Blog)

PSE WARNING: If you suffer from photosensitive epilepsy, please consider skipping this post! The visualisations on this page might trigger a seizure. Sorry! … ⇢ Read more

you splooged on the floor ——
a perfect trajectory
bore out gravity

#haiku #vss365 #3lines #poetry

If Apple further requests you to upgrade everything else, say, iTunes Music Library and iCloud Photos Library, to iCloud Drive, it will cost you an arm and a leg to use iCloud storage. Apple is signaling something.

https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT211995 MUST-READ (2 min) How to upgrade from iCloud Documents and Data to iCloud Drive (from Apple.com)

If you use the iCloud Documents and Data service, you need to turn on iCloud Drive using the steps below to see your files. Upgrading to iCloud Drive doesn’t change the amount of storage space your saved files use in iCloud.  … ⇢ Read more

a panoramic shot of the beach

https://thevarsity.ca/2019/08/11/under-invasion-watch-out-for-the-japanese-knotweed-plant/ MUST-READ (7 min) Under invasion! Watch out for the Japanese knotweed plant (by Sherry Eskander and Tahmeed Shafiq)

I was a mobile app maniac 7 or 8 years back. I would download and try a bunch of new apps every week. I would use several apps to track price drops across the entire App Store and to know which apps were free for a limited time. I had approximately 1,000 apps on my iPhone, including only a few games.

Now I have 479 apps on my iPhone, some ten of which are opened on a daily basis, and it’s been months since I last downloaded and installed a new app.

Part of me grew up on Brazilian music, and I think this song is really on point!

Now I’m listening to

🎵 Girl From Rio 🎤 Anitta 💿 Girl From Rio – Single (2021)