Another simple song to learn…

🎵 “Expectations/Overture” is a recording by Hayley Kiyoko, appearing on the 2018 album “Expectations”.

Snowing hard outside. Rather Cold. April 4th. Rare for my location. Cozying up to a nostalgic tune out in 2018.

🎵 “Camo (feat. Angel Haze)” is a recording by Kota the Friend, appearing on the 2018 album “Anything.”.

I’ve found this track! If only her original tracks were as good, though…

🎵 “Love Galore (Remix)” is a recording by Alex Mali, and it’s an adaptation of Love Galore by SZA.

I love her voice. I remember that she did a great cover of SZA’s Love Galore. I’ll try searching for it later.

🎵 “Set Good” is a recording by Alex Mali, appearing on the 2018 album “Set Good – Single”.

I kinda wanna dance to this song. Wait! Is this a country album?

🎵 “High Horse” is a recording by Kacey Musgraves, appearing on the 2018 album “Golden Hour”.

An old and classic tune. One of my all-time favorites.

🎵 “Lifetime (Uncut)” is a recording by Maxwell, appearing on the 2014 album “Now”.

What is this version?

🎵 “All Of Me (feat. John Legend) [Spanish Version]” is a recording by Johan Legend, appearing on the 2017 album “All Of Me (Spanish Version) [feat. John Legend] – Single”.

This song made me reminisce about the past. The life, the people, … everything seemed so fine back then.

🎵 “Miss You” is a recording by Aaliyah, appearing on her 2002 posthumous album “I Care 4 U”.

Good tune. I guess such stuff should’ve been written when depression struck him so bad.

🎵 “Jocelyn Flores” is a recording by XXXTENTACION, appearing on the 2017 album “17”.

🎵 Yes, I compiled this playlist — The 100 Best Deep Cuts by 21st Century Pop Stars: Critics’ Picks — based on critics’ reviews on Billboard. These songs are select deep cuts out of tons of mainstream pop stars’ contributions since 2000 in ascending order of ranking. 😢 The only regret is that the works by Aaliyah, one of my all-time favorite artists, have long been absent from Apple Music, and her track “Loose Rap” (ranking #33) is therefore substituted with her 1994 hit “At Your Best”. Hope you enjoy this playlist as much as I do, and you’re welcome to share it with other pop buffs.❤