I would caption this photo “Toronto Glint.”

This happens around 8:23 pm ~ 8:28 pm every single day this week as long as the Sun’s glare is not entirely behind the clouds. My camera is merely competent to do the job, though.

Disquiet has grown quickly in me as more appalling contretemps are going on in the world — in addition to the lingering pandemic.

This uneasiness even intensified when I ran out of meal prep ideas.

Probably pan-seared steak with some butter and veggies? Not a bad idea.

a panoramic shot of the beach

A Knack to Poaching Eggs

"A Knack to Poaching Eggs"

I have to admit that eggs Benedict are very delish and yet cooking poached eggs is one big headache. Whenever I cook them the traditional way, I lose at least 30% of the egg whites into the boiling water. Besides, I need to add white vinegar and always end up washing the saucepan with some efforts.

So I tried my luck on Amazon, where I found scores of tools for the job: silicone ramekins, electric egg poachers, metal egg rings, etc. When I was just about to order a set of four silicone cups, a review caught my eye:

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not great, use cling film instead

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on December 1, 2019

not the best, I find even if you add a bit of oil the egg still stick. Save your money buy cheap food safe clingfilm, wrap the egg in the film and simmer in water, works much better, cheaper and you can do more than 4 eggs at once 🙂

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What a bright idea! Cling wrap is designed to withstand high heat (up to 120~140°C), is BPA-free, and saves you from washing the saucepan and investing in unnecessary utensils.

But here comes an issue. Some cling wrap tends to melt at high temperatures when it comes into contact with fat, sugar, and, arguably, protein. So I laid my hands on some parchment paper in the kitchen as well. Parchment paper is water and heat resistant, and it has proven capable of doing the trick perfectly. Cling wrap or parchment paper, your choice. Just remember to add 30~90 seconds to the original cooking time (typically five minutes or so), as paper- or film-wrapped eggs do not contact boiling water directly.

Another small problem is that, probably because I wrapped each raw egg a bit tight and tied four of them together, none of these poached eggs looks like a UFO, which has the shape of an ideal poached egg. Instead, they are sort of ball-shaped and resemble crouching adult frogs. Wait… Does Ugly Frog Offspring have an abbreviation? 🤔

Bottom line: I’ll go with parchment paper for my poached eggs, and I’m confident of a nice shape.

Emm… I quite like my homemade eggs Benedict. Very successful this time. But I wish the poached eggs were a bit runnier.

a day in the park

📍 Confederation Beach Park
680 Waterfront Trail
Hamilton, ON L8E 3L8

The ferocity of the 3rd wave has yet to dwindle. I’ve decided to wear my N95 face masks instead of the surgical ones. But the N95 mask is usually smaller, which necessitates me shaving my beard to get a tight fit. 3rd wave, 3rd shave. Despite an allergy to the blade, it was fun.

People: I’m not sure if you can make music for fun.


Sparkling ICE wins!!!

I’ve also prepared nutritious food for my plants. ☺️ Hope they grow better.

my Keto-friendly food these days

Fresh from package. Strings broke. Three times in a row. Two masks from the same package.

I can’t think of a worse thing to do than produce defective PPE items during a pandemic.

Don’t even bother asking where they are made.