pan-fried Asian chives pocket pies
so yummy 😋

The onset of the third wave in Ontario has reduced our birthday party to a splendid brunch experience at Shy’s Place.

Lobster Benny, Badger Benny, and Buttermilk Chicken & Toast.

I’ve been a COVID-impacted birthday boy for two straight years.

Thank you all for being with me. ❤️

📍 Shy’s Place
11 Coreslab Drive
Dundas, ON
Canada [map]

Panic! at the Costco (Deluxe Edition)

Eletronics and appliances placed under cover. Floral supplies gone. Clothing encircled by snacks. 🙄️ This is ridiculous. I still spent the same amount of time shopping for what I needed.

‪I’m wondering if @costcocanada is really aware that now people are much closer to each other than they used to because they concentrate in a smaller space when many areas in the warehouse are made inaccessible. This arrangement is laughable at best.‬

And, mind you, right now you are not allowed to make a return.

Good morning, everyone. Happy to let you know that our roses are blooming quite well.

I guess I’m outdoing my food processor. Just take a look at the cucumber!

A canister of cashews (1.13kg / 40oz) is normally consumed in 10 to 12 days. Many of my recipes heavily rely on cashews. The creamed corn and cashew stew is not a keto-friendly dish – I know right – but it’s not bad for a keto cheat day.

Sautéed spicy beef with mushrooms remains my favorite dish when I’m on keto, especially when cherry sauce and Thai chili peppers are added. Michelin 1-star eateries are paling into insignificance.

Good morning, my dear friends in Asia.
Everything around us is thriving.
And so are we.