last updated on Saturday, May 29, 2021

I now live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (map). During the COVID-19 outbreak (3rd wave), I’m complying with Ontario’s stay-at-home order and thus staying home most of the time. I go out mainly for groceries, healthcare services, exercise, and other essential purposes.

Not yet vaccinated, for your information.

My “day” job1 has been seriously affected due to the current strict restrictions on international travel. So in the daytime I get to spend plenty of time playing the piano, writing and recording songs, reading, writing articles, and watching educational videos (largely on culinary arts, music theory, linguistic studies, etc.), my favorite TV series, or some movies. As summer is drawing nigh, I often spend time outdoors and enjoy the great gifts Mother Earth endows us with.

I’ve recently changed the site address to It’s not that I don’t like the previous domain name – quite the contrary, I like it a lot. But some have complained that “iiii” is difficult to read and that they often mistake it for “iii” or “iiiii” in certain variations of typeface. The vanity domain, which contains my full name, was considered a better choice at first. However, it’s weighty as well, and I’m not specifically looking to brand my professional persona right now.

And I think the new site logo is cool, isn’t it?

Skeptical about the value of my primary job, I’ve been thinking about other career possibilities lately. Meanwhile, I’m trying to identify new interests, learn new skills, and possibly commit to a new undertaking. If you have any good suggestion about a career change or further education, feel free to let me know. Thanks in advance!

Did you know? Most /now pages on the Internet today are inspired by Derek Sivers‘s /now page movement.

  1. Actually most work sessions take place in the nighttime due to a time difference of 12 hours.