Yet Another Domain Change …

"Yet Another Domain Change …"

In order to stop people from calling me Jay, I’ve changed my domain name again.

I must confess that I had wanted to own j-bear-dot-ca because my nickname is actually “J Bear,” apart from which I’m addressed as Jason most of the time. No one had called me Jay on any occasion until recently. However, j-bear-dot-ca was registered with CIRA as early as in 2005, while I didn’t start to blog until April, 2006. So I had no choice but to own jay-bear-dot-ca, which (un)expectedly led people to think Jay was my name.

Not that I dislike the name Jay per se; I simply dislike myself being called by that name.

From iiii-dot-ca to jay-bear-dot-ca to JLOG-dot-ca, thank you for being patient with the changes all the way.

Part of me grew up on Brazilian music, and I think this song is really on point!

Now I’m listening to

🎵 Girl From Rio 🎤 Anitta 💿 Girl From Rio – Single (2021)

Two avocados a day keep doctors away.

Now I’m listening to

🎵 Hypnotized (feat. Marco Luka & Tanu) 🎤 Weston Estate 💿 Hypnotized (feat. Marco Luka & Tanu) – Single (2019)

Now I’m listening to

🎵 Lonely Hearts Club 🎤 Winona Oak 💿 CLOSURE – EP (2020)

Friend: Why did you have to buy a pair of so-called Hi-Fi wired headphones when you’ve already got Bluetooth earbuds?

Me: Why bother to cook your cereal on the stovetop when you can nuke it in like three minutes?

#GenderDifference #NoSuchThing MUST-READ (4 min) CN withholding pension from gay widower over outdated definition of spouse (by Ryan Cooke)

Ken Haire lost his husband in 2012, and has spent parts of the last nine years fighting with Canadian National Railway to get money from his pension. The company denied him because gay marriage was not recognized at the time of his husband’s retirement. … ⇢ Read more

Data from the Apple Health app reveals why lockdowns and quarantine haven’t affected me too much.

Oh entrée! Beautiful entrée! You make my world better!

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🎵 Andre 🎤 Small Sins 💿 Volume II (2021)

As of April 27th, 2021, 1 out of 31 people in Canada was diagnosed with COVID-19, compared with 1 out of 83 in India.


UV index is above 5,
and if
you’re going to hang out with someone,
tell that person to apply sunscreen.

If there’s no photobook attached that contains his full frontal nudity, there’s no incentive for me to purchase DJ Khaled’s new album. It’s basically a download-listen-delete thing.