Here’s Why You Should #VoteFordOut

"Here’s Why You Should #VoteFordOut"
  1. It took some 400 days into this pandemic for the Ford government to implement paid sick days.

  2. THREE paid sick days for people whose exposure/infection entails at least TEN days in quarantine? What’s the point? Even Doug Ford himself was home-quarantined for more than ten days.

  3. Doug Ford, a college dropout and bully, now is in way over his head. Still remember this is a guy who, when at City Hall, wanted a Ferris wheel and to close libraries to save money? Ontario had cut down medical spending significantly before COVID-19 hit the province.

  4. Look at the failed vaccine rollout in Ontario. Ontario has roughly the same population as Tokyo, the capital of Japan. But it seems to take forever for the former to vaccinate all its residents.

  5. Voting for Ford again equates to voting for ignorance, both his and yours, again.

As of April 27th, 2021, 1 out of 31 people in Canada was diagnosed with COVID-19, compared with 1 out of 83 in India.

Mind you, eligibility is not necessarily coupled with availability. MUST-READ (1 min) Ontario to expand COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to all adults by end of May (from CBC News)

Suppose there are 400,000 residents in Hamilton awaiting COVID-19 vaccinations (two doses for each person). Hamilton will need 6.6 ~ 8.8 months to get all of them vaccinated at the current pace of 3,000 ~ 4,000 shots a day. As of April 21, 2021, a total of 164,218 doses have been administered.

Doug Ford @fordnation has turned Ontario into a macabre abode of the dead. He needs to go. #onpoli

Justin Trudeau: We won’t stop flights into Canada from India.

*a few hours later*

Justin Trudeau: We’re banning flights from both India and Pakistan.

So, which @justintrudeau is sober? 🤔

“This is not a decision lightly made. My soul is in flux.”


By April 15, 2021, Beijing, the capital city of China, has administered 20 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to 12.5 million local residents. 7.54 million have been given two doses, and 4.96 million their first doses. Let’s just talk about getting this shit in arms. Doug Ford @fordnation, how laser-focused have you been? #onpoli

Either a REAL harsh lockdown or a fast vaccination rollout would have helped curb the spread of COVID-19. I’m sorry to say Ontario (@fordnation) is capable of neither. #onpoli

Panic! at the Costco (Deluxe Edition)

Eletronics and appliances placed under cover. Floral supplies gone. Clothing encircled by snacks. 🙄️ This is ridiculous. I still spent the same amount of time shopping for what I needed.

‪I’m wondering if @costcocanada is really aware that now people are much closer to each other than they used to because they concentrate in a smaller space when many areas in the warehouse are made inaccessible. This arrangement is laughable at best.‬

And, mind you, right now you are not allowed to make a return.

I hope everyone mentioned in these tweets will recover their health soon. I also hope COVIDiots can stop being nuts and talking shit about public health guidelines and vaccinations.


If wastage of COVID-19 vaccines occurs at the end of every day, we should let those willing to be vaccinated get them. Personally I would drive to a location and wait a couple hours in my vehicle to get a shot in my arm. Hope we will soon bring this pandemic to an end.

Really bad news here. My friend’s uncle on his father’s side, a 67-year-old Asian male living in California, passed in his sleep after receiving his second dose of the Moderna @moderna_tx COVID-19 vaccine. He was disease-free and robust all his life. I’m as sorry for his loss as I’m concerned about vaccine safety.