Finally, Out of the Nintendo-G2A War

"Finally, Out of the Nintendo-G2A War"

You know that some of my recent posts share a tag #G2A_con and I was torn by the war between Nintendo and Around 2:44 pm today, the suspension of my Nintendo account was lifted. All I have now is mixed feelings. From May 19 to July 6 – that is, 6 weeks and 6 days – Nintendo and beset me heavily as well as other Nintendo users all around the world. ⇢ Read more

What’s taken @NintendoCanada so long before our accounts get unbanned? More than three weeks so far. Even when all the required proofs have been submitted. Still the long wait without any progress? No. We’re victims of #G2A_con. We’ve paid $$$$$ for the devices and eShop content, while you’ve banned us for months just for an $80 game whose illicitness was beyond our knowledge. We’re not interested in your war against @G2A_com. Don’t traumatize your customers for a 2nd time. @NintendoAmerica

Since a host of @Nintendo console owners are now plagued with suspended accounts due to fraudulent game keys sold at @G2A_com while Nintendo is fully aware of this, they should side with these customers actively rather than leave them stranded between #G2A_con and Nintendo. @NintendoCanada @NintendoAmerica

Stay away from!

"Stay away from!"

TL;DR: sells illegally obtained game keys but doesn’t refund customers when they are fully aware what is happening. The seller who sold me the stolen game key for Super Mario Odyssey is no longer in their system. Even so, G2A refuses to refund me. @G2A_com

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Now I’ve lost access to all the LEGALLY purchased digital games on my Nintendo Switch. Damn you, G2A! @G2A_com MUST-READ (2 min) G2A profited from illegally obtained game keys, will pay one developer damages (by Charlie Hall)

Photo: Charlie Hall In July 2019, G2A, the company behind the controversial G2A Marketplace, offered to open its transaction history to an independent auditor. The goal was to clear its name of any wrongdoing after years of accusations it helps facilitate the sale of stolen goods. … ⇢ Read more

Damn it! I purchased a download key for Super Mario Odyssey from @G2A_com back in February. Today I found my Nintendo account suspended. Nintendo support revealed on the phone that the game key I bought was associated with a chargeback and possibly a credit card fraud. Illegal game keys have no place on the Internet. G2A should be doing something!