If your iPhone / iPad is currently running iOS 15 / iPadOS 15, DO NOT enable “Experimental network loader” (from Settings → Safari → Advanced → Experimental Features). Websites may FAIL to load with that feature activated. Hopefully Apple will address this issue soon.

Likewise, if you’re unable to sign in to a website like Google, turn off “requestIdleCallback.”

iOS 15: About This Update

"iOS 15: About This Update"

Monday, September 20, 2021

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iOS 14.5: About This Update

"iOS 14.5: About This Update"

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UPDATE: All my iOS 14 devices now perform really badly in FaceTime. Continuous reconnecting/disconnecting or constant failure to connect. iOS 13 devices and MacBooks are working just fine in this respect.

If some images on a webpage suddenly fail to load in Safari on your #iOS14 devices, try switching off Lazy Image Loading from Settings – Safari – Advanced – Experimental Features. This might be a bug of the very first version.